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The behavioral economics revolution is coming to Stockholm

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Making Business Sense of Irrational Behavior

Announcing the launch of Behave Stockholm – a forum for spreading knowledge and promoting the use of Behavioral Economics in Sweden. Our aim is to create a vibrant and eclectic platform for connecting theorists with practitioners, experts with beginners, skeptics with converts from both the business and public sectors, where we can share and discuss new developments and insights in the field of Behavioral Economics.




Richard Shotton and Alexander Norén will be this year’s first speakers. On Thursday, May 31, they will cover topics such as Marketing efficiency through the use of behavioral insights and the state of behavioral economics in Sweden. 

Both Richard and Alexander have written new books which will be sold at discounted prices at the May 31 event.


Bias Bar in honor of Richard Thaler’s Nobel Prize to be held in December. Speakers: Christina Gravert, University of Gothenburg, Jerome Ribot, Coglode and Craig Watson, Spotify. Documentation wil be posted after the event.



2016 was our first year with two main events: inauguration with guest speaker Rory Sutherland and our first ever Bias Bar with speakers from the Behave Stockholm network. A solid start and there’s lots more in store for 2017. Have a favorite behavioral economist you’d like to see in Stockholm? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. Would you like to partner as a sponsor or help out in another way? Drop us a line and we’ll set up a meeting. We have lots of things planned, both big and small and will let you know as soon as anything is finalized. Don’t miss out, make sure you’re on our mailing-list.

Rory Sutherland, inaugural speaker at the launch of Behave Stockholm.

Rory Sutherland

Thursday, September 29, 2016

We were so pleased to have Rory Sutherland, vice Chairman of the Ogilvy Group, columnist at the Spectator and celebrated TED-speaker as our inaugural speaker. Thanks to Rory we managed to gather a crowd of more than 140 people interested in behavioral economics who now form the basis of our network.

Were you unable to attend? Don’t worry, we filmed the entire event and you can watch it by clicking here.


“Engineers, medical people, scientific people, have an obsession with solving the problems of reality, when actually … once you reach a basic level of wealth in society, most problems are actually problems of perception.”

Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group

Bias Bar #1

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The first ever Bias Bar was an inspiring evening with a diverse mix of speakers and topics as you can see 

  • Investment Psychology  Lars Erik Boström, owner, Börspsykologen
  • Nudging for Sustainability  Åsa Sandberg, CEO, A Win Win World
  • A report from the Academic World – Jonathan de Quidt, Assistant Professor, Stockholm University IIES
  • Gamification for Better Workflow – Frida Monsén, CEO, Mawu
  • Emotions in Business – Magnus Myrenberg, Partner, Pink Mango Capital Partners

We received a lot of positive feedback from both speakers and participants and are planning to do this again as soon as possible. 

Interested in speaking? Contact us by sending an e-mail to

Why Behave in Stockholm?


Our mission is to increase awareness and use of behavioral economics in business and society – for the mutual benefit of organizations and individuals. We will do this by connecting theorists and practitioners, by fusing psychology and economics, and by encouraging dialogue and challenging of conventional “truths”. We believe that better insights about how humans really work can fundamentally change the way organizations create value and are lead (whether in decision-making, investment, sales, marketing or in society at large).

Our goal is to arrange bi-monthly seminars and events with a wide range of participants from both the academic and business worlds. Do you have a problem that could benefit from a behavioral economics approach or have you solved a problem using behavioral methods? Would you like to speak at one of our events or would you like to suggest a speaker? Get in touch with us by sending an to e-mail

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Behavioral what?

Behavioral economics is a cross disciplinary study of the effects of psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional factors on economic decision making and the ensuing consequences for organizations, individuals and society. One of the pioneers in the field is Daniel Kahneman who, in 2003, became the first psychologist to win the Nobel Prize in Economics right here in Stockholm. If you want to learn more, please send us an e-mail

About us


Behave Stockholm is an independent, non-profit network founded by a group of individuals with backgrounds in finance, communication, marketing and brands. We share the view that humans are not always rational, according to the view of neo classical economic theory, and that the use of behavioral economics can improve both the real, as well as the business, worlds. 

Why do we continue to run business in the same way when the world around is constantly changing? Why do we treat people the same way when knowledge about how humans work tells us this is not the most efficient way? Why are the same myths and conventional “truths” still around even though they hinder creativity, innovation and optimal decision making? We want to change this, and launching Behave Stockholm is a first step.

If you have any questions, want to suggest a speaker or would like to sponsor one of our events, please feel free to send us an e-mail at or use the form below.

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